Where it all began

In 1999 Starlight Wholesale Electrical Suppliers was founded by Bernadette Wasserfall; who has over 30 years’ experience in the electrical and wholesaling industry.

Since its inception Starlight has operated out of the central, well marketed, commercial side of Salt River. Starlight proudly holds a Level 1 BBBEE certification as well as public recognition and certification of being 100% Woman Ownership - under the sole ownership of Bernadette Wasserfall.


Founder and owner, Bernadette Wasserfall, has made an earnest effort to invest in the wellbeing and upliftment of her employees – understanding that quality service is derived from a well-looked after (and empowered) workforce.

By uplifting the workforce/team she has developed a workplace culture that provides a customer-driven focus. Furthermore, Starlights management understands the electrical wholesale industry may be widespread and seemingly generic; therefore the organisation focuses on providing product knowledge, prompt delivery and short lead-times as a unique differentiating factor.

In addition, we pride ourselves on our positive engagement with the surrounding communities; understanding that the need for light and power goes far beyond electrical goods. Therefore we constantly aim to partake in initiatives with the youth of the underprivileged surrounding areas; with particular focus on providing means for education. Starlight aims to further its public engagement in the near future by focusing more on education and the preservation of the planet.


We envisage redesigning perceptions - thereby being seen as an organisation that provides a means for light and power (tangible value-add) as well as one that may enhance, enlighten and empower (intangible value-add) - we strive to make a difference. Therefore we sustain our value-adding public image through; quality products and services, competitive pricing, enhanced customer experience and engaging with the public through non-business related initiatives.

We believe that our ethos and vision (of being proactive and positively engaged with stakeholders, the public and planet) will be the key factors to becoming a market leader in the electrical wholesaling industry within the next five years.

Brand Pillars

Integrity; being transparent with stakeholders and the general public
Good citizenship; in acknowledging Starlight Wholesale Electrical Suppliers has a brand personality, we look to uphold respect, preserve and enhance the wellbeing of our stakeholders, surrounding communities, the general public and the planet to the best of our ability.
Diversity; providing a wide range of products from reputable brands to satisfy various customer needs and preferences
Quality; upholding a concentrated focus on the best quality products and service
Customer Satisfaction; having a customer-oriented workplace culture with a core focus on service (before and after purchase/s) as well as providing quality products at the most competitive prices possible.

Target Market

While we extend our products and services to meet all electrical/electrical-related needs, we have a primary focus on the industrial and automation sector – with a secondary focus on commercial sectors, contracting sectors and household sector requirements.